We offer comprehensive services to developers and solicitors by establishing books and records of the strata scheme and the provision of Section 109 Certificates and Section 26 Certificates, often with 24 hours notice. If you have a development that would benefit from a prompt response

Owners with current managing agents

Are you happy with the level of service being offered to you by your current Managing Agent? If you are unsure, we will try to answer any query you have.

Owners who manage properties themselves

As an owner the pitfalls in managing your precious asset (property) are numerous. As Strata Managing Agents, it is our job to not only know these pitfalls, but understand them so that we can overcome obstacles in protecting your investment.

If you want to continue to look after your property, but do not want all the hassles


In compliance with the Property Stock and Business Agents Act 2002, all payments on behalf of your Strata Plan are checked and signed by the Licensee-in-Charge, and not an employee portfolio manager. This is in the best interest of the Strata Plan and also is protected by Fair Trading.

Compliance Management

We offer assistance with legislative and regulatory compliance such as your Sinking Fund Forecast, Occupational Health & Safety Audit, and Fire Safety.

Debt Recovery Management

Every owner is responsible for payment of their levy contribution to the Administration and Sinking Funds for their scheme. Under Section 76 of the Strata Schemes Management Act: 76 (1) The owners corporation must determine the amounts to be levied as a contribution to the administrative fund and the sinking fund to raise the amounts estimated as needing to be credited to those funds.

We understand that, at times, levy notices can be lost in the post, however, this does not change the responsibility of owners to pay. The law says: 78 (6) Regular periodic contributions to the administrative fund and sinking fund of an owners corporation are taken to have been duly levied on an owner of a lot even though notice levying the contributions was not served on the owner.

Strata By Laws

Enhancement, Enforcement, Solution, Management Statements, Common Property Policies.

Repairs & Maintenance

Correct maintenance should help optimise the integrity of a building while minimising the running costs. As a result the building is more likely to retain its value and economic life. Limiting maintenance by reacting only to owners’ or occupants’ complaints leads to neglect and an increase in long-term costs.

We can help you get the correct balance between planned and unplanned maintenance expenditure to achieve an agreed condition.

Insurance Claims Management

We are an authorised agent for the two largest insurance companies serving strata, CHU and SUU. Sometimes it is hard to work out who is responsible for what insurance in a Strata, Community Scheme or Company Title Property.

Professional Indemnity Insurance
Flexible Payment Method

We offer a variety of methods for payment which include internet, BPay, directly to the “DEFT” Systems Payment or through any Australia Post Office.

Accounting Only Services

Many Strata Schemes and Community Associations have great support from all owners. With their involvement, many of the functions typically performed by a Strata Management Company are undertaken by the Owners. For these Owners Corporations we can offer “accounting only” services.

These services include the collection and deposit of quarterly levies into a separate bank account in your Owners Corporation name. For any owners that are in arrears, we would follow up with collection letters. Cheques for payments of all invoices and on-going expenses are prepared on a monthly basis for the Executive Committee’s approval. Operating statements are prepared monthly in addition to an annual budget for the Owners Corporation.

Partial Management

Depending on your Owners Corporation’s situation, you may be interested in only a partial management service, in which we look after the accounting and record-keeping, while the Executive Committee manages the day-to-day affairs of the Owners Corporation. On this basis, we would be responsible for the accounting (as above) together with Administration on behalf of the Owners Corporation. We would carry out the enforcement of the by-laws, rules and regulations, and would advise on any amendments.

We would keep complete records of all the Owners Corporation’s documents by way of filing and storage. We would maintain your Strata or Association Roll, trades list, and any other information pertinent to the operation of the Strata Scheme or Community Association. Regular updates of “information packages” would be available and sent to new Owners.

Full Management

Full management includes all the services listed above in Partial Management plus the additional services listed below.

Attendance at General Meetings: Timely and accurate reporting of general meetings is paramount to the smooth running of the Owners Corporation. We would attend and chair meetings; record minutes, and provide advice at these meetings.

Arranging for any Maintenance and Repairs of the Property: Our main goal is to protect your valuable asset. We do this in a number of ways.

Firstly, we try to anticipate problems before they happen. Preventative maintenance is the key. The mechanical equipment in your building is reviewed. Elevators and fire safety devices are all inspected. Model and serial numbers are recorded and filed in the event that future repairs are required to any of this equipment.

We would be responsible for tendering contracts for landscaping, garbage removal, insurance, window/gutter cleaning and all other services as required.

We would make regular inspections of the grounds and buildings to ensure all contract work is being completed satisfactorily.

In addition, we would advise on extraordinary repairs, maintenance, and improvements. Maintenance that is performed on your property is handled by independent contractors and not by our company employees. They have been selected because of their ability to provide the best possible service at a competitive price.

For major repairs and renovations, written estimates are obtained, and discussed with the Executive Committee before proceeding or budgeting as required.

As we are a full service management company we have the necessary resources available to oversee a wide range of repairs and improvements. From a simple cosmetic upgrade by way of painting to a major renovation such as new roof or water ingress problems, we have the experience to handle the job from start to finish.

We follow up on work undertaken to ensure the work has been properly completed.

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