Leo Paternoster
Licensee in Charge / Director 

  • Licensed Strata Manager since 1981, and Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Operated successful Strata company & Real Estate agency in Sydney
  • Past president of the Lions Club Cabramatta
  • Past secretary of the Chamber of Commerce Cabramatta
  • Justice of the Peace in NSW
  • Past Deputy Chairperson REI NSW Strata Chapter
  • Member of Association of Strata & Community Managers
  • Past Board member Strata Chapter REI NSW
  • Chairman of Association Strata & Community Manager

Narell Whitehead
Strata Manager

  • Property/Office Manager of a large Real Estate office on the North Shore
  • On-site manager of a rural farm with over 20 employees
  • Holds a certificate III in Property Practice (Strata and Community Title)
  • Strata Manager

Kellie Rickwood
Strata Manager

  • Holds Strata Management Licence
  • Holds Cert IV in Accounting
  • Previously held Conveyancing Licence
  • Over 20 years Office Administration & Management Experience

Tamara Warfield
Personal Assistant to Narell Whitehead

  • Administration
  • Customer relations
  • Office technology
  • Compliance

Claire Mantle
Personal Assistant to Kellie Rickwood

  • Administration
  • Customer relations
  • Office technology
  • Compliance


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